Contact Us

To get in contact with us, you can:

  1. join our email listserv
  2. open an issue
  3. open a pull request
  4. post a discussion message
  5. email

Method 1: Joining our Listserv

The listserv is great for:

  • receiving the latest news and updates from the SlideRule team
  • learning about new features and known issues

Please use this link to join the listserv: listserv.

Once joined, you will receive emails from and can send emails to:

Method 2: Opening an Issue

Opening an issue is great for:

  • problems you encounter while using SlideRule
  • bugs in the code
  • feature requests

Please use this link to sumit an issue: sliderule issue.

Method 3: Opening a Pull Request

Opening an pull request is great for:

  • bug fixes you have already made to the existing code base
  • features you have already implemented and want incorporated in future releases

Before opening a pull request, please read our Contributing guidelines.

Please use this link to sumit a PR: sliderule PR.

Method 4: Posting a Discussion Message

Posting a discussion message is great for:

  • help to install, run, and/or interface with SlideRule
  • questions you have on how things work
  • ideas you want to share and get people thinking about

Please use this link to start a discussion: sliderule post.

Method 5: Emailing us Directly

Emailing us directly is great for:

  • organizational questions (who we are and future collaboration opportunities)
  • sensitive questions that should not be posted publicly
  • if you just need a real person to help address an issue

Please email us at